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Ice 2 Recover Is Amazing!

The Best Post Surgery Healing Mask Around!

About Our Company

pic1Our company with the driving forces of a middle age women who is always on the look out for products that reinvigorate youth, spent years researching, testing and redesigning Ice 2 Recover, a full face reusable cooling gel mask that comfortably fits even over bandages, allowing patients to rest while providing the essential benefits needed for a speedy recovery.

Ice2Recover is an organisation dedicated to providing high quality services to clients and customers and has a set of key principles at its heart that support that delivery.

Part of our vision is to support people and animals in need. We not only believe in helping people on the road to beautiful recovery we believe in helping both unfortunate people and animals in recovery also. Because of this we donate 40% of our profits to keeping animals alive and well, along with our International partner donating their profits to Age Concern Birmingham, an organization that provides dedicated services and advice to thousands of older individuals and carergivers every year. Ice2recover is proud to support their good work.

The Ice2Recover facial mask is an innovative beauty product that is essential to post facial surgery recovery and everyday beauty care. This gel-filled mask delivers near instant relief experienced by those who have undergone facial surgery or have had intensive facial treatments such as chemical peels or laser treatments. Additionally, the Ice 2 Recover mask aids in everyday beauty treatments by helping skin stay firm and minimizing pores.

Statistics released by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, showed that facial rejuvenation procedures, both surgical and minimally-invasivehave had the most growth per year than any other surgery, and yet it is still suggested to use ice packs and frozen peas to reduce post surgery swelling, not realizing that after surgery patients need rest in order to recover which is not possible when having to hold anything to the face to reduce swelling, the most important part of the healing process.

The Ice 2 Recover facial mask is a full sized facial mask that is filled with a non-toxic gel that can be used to reduce swelling and for pain relief after facial surgery. The mask is made from a very soft material that is latex-free and easily conforms to the contours of your face. The product is so delicate that it can even be placed over bandages.

You place the mask in the refrigerator and let it get cold. When it is ready, you place it on your face and secure it with the two Velcro straps. Then, lie down and relax and allow it to work. The gel will conform to every area of your face delivering cool relief. Your swelling will continue to diminish and your pain will be more manageable. This will allow your body to heal faster.

You can repeat the process as often as necessary. The Ice 2 Recover mask chills very quickly and there are no side effects from its use. To clean the Ice 2 Recover mask, simply wipe it off with a soft cloth and place it back into its storage bag.

The Ice 2 Recover mask is designed to accommodate men or women of any facial structure. It remains pliable and soft regardless of how often it is used, and is even available in different colors for your enjoyment.

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